Equipment Types

All the following equipment as well as a description of each, are available for your review. For additional information about any of the equipment, please contact Relay South Dakota Outreach Services.


You dial the other person's number, exactly the same way as with any other telephone. While you dial, the CapTel phone automatically connects to a FREE captioning service. You can listen to the other person’s voice and also read captions of everything they say.

CapTel Phone

CapTel Phone

Product # CapTel
  • Captions are provided by a free service that connects to the call
  • Calls you make are automatically connected to the Captioning Service to provide captions
  • Incoming callers dial the service first, then enter your phone number in order for you to get captions.
  • Adjustable font sizes and colors
  • Phone book to store frequently called numbers (95+ names)
  • Easy access to voice mail and answering machine messages
  • Works just like a standard phone for people who do not need captions
  • More models in digital and analog available. Contact us to learn more!
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