4 Tips for Stress Relief in People with Hearing Loss

4 Tips for Stress Relief in People with Hearing Loss

Social interactions and conversations under certain circumstances can be stressful or cause anxiety. Introduce hearing impairment into the equation, and stress can escalate quickly for both people involved.

But it doesn’t have to.

Don’t let frustration and stress seep into your day-to-day conversations. Try out these tips.

Take a timeout

When you feel yourself start to become frustrated with, or drifting in and out of conversations, take a break. You want to come into conversations with a fresh outlook so you can get what you need out of it. Don’t be afraid to tell a conversation partner, “I need just a minute to collect myself – can we pick this up later?”

Keep it light

A sense of humor goes a long way when it comes to relieving stress for those with hearing loss. And make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to relax, eat right and get regular exercise – all of this helps to relieve the stress that comes with conversation frustrations.

Stay positive

Resentment, anger and negativity add to mounting stress. It’s okay to feel the tug of limitations – just keep your disposition positive and focus on the good things. If you come from a positive place, you’re more likely to yield less stressful, more helpful results – even when conversation or interaction can get frustrating.

Be silent

Some quiet time now and again is a good thing. Go for a walk, spend time outside, enjoy a book or create something artistic. Activities that don’t involve talking and listening can be a nice break from the literal and figurative noise of life. Silence is golden, after all.

Taking part in conversation doesn’t have to cause you distress. Do your part to make the experience better for both parties by following these simple tips.

Source: Hearing Link