5 Tips for Talking to Friends and Family

5 Tips for Talking to Friends and Family

It can be tough to deal with the onset of hearing loss alone – so make sure you pass along the right knowledge to your friends and family so you have ample support. Once you’ve been seen by an audiologist or otolaryngologist, try on the following tips for size to maximize conversations with those around you.

1. Communicate – Talk to your friends and family about your hearing loss – if they’re aware, they can help make conversations easier as well.

2. Request – Ask that your friends and family make face-to-face contact with you during conversations so that you can pick up on expressions and mouth movement.

3. Educate – Help your friends and family find the perfect speaking volume – without shouting – so they know it’s not about speaking more slowly, but rather speaking more clearly.

4. Disconnect – Make sure your noise-making devices, such as TVs and radios, are turned off when they’re not being used.

5. Avoid – Skip noisy surroundings and public spaces, such as restaurant seats near the kitchen or concert seats near the stage, for optimum communication.


Do your part to make conversing with family and friends easier – try out these tips to make communication effective and enjoyable for all involved!