Scam Calls

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has received informal complaints that people without disabilities, who are posing as deaf or hard of hearing consumers, are misusing an Internet based telecommunications relay service (TRS) called Internet Protocol (IP) Relay to perpetrate fraudulent business transactions, often by using stolen or fake credit cards. This practice has caused concern among businesses and legitimate users of IP Relay who are deaf or hard of hearing or who have a speech disability. Merchants that accept orders made by telephone for goods or services should take steps to ensure that, for any order placed by phone, the payment method or credit card is valid and the purchaser is authorized to use the particular credit card. The FCC is taking steps to prevent the misuse of IP Relay, and alerts businesses to actions they can take to protect themselves from misuse while still enjoying the benefits of conducting business by phone with millions of Americans who are deaf or hard of hearing or have a speech disability.