4 Pieces of Advice for Hunting with Hearing Loss

4 Pieces of Advice for Hunting with Hearing Loss

Now that fall has officially arrived, outdoorsy types are preparing for their favorite hunting seasons. No matter what you hunt, hearing can be a huge asset while hunting. However, even if you are deaf, hard of hearing or have profound hearing loss, you can still be an active and successful hunter.

Consider the following four pieces of advice for hard-of-hearing hunters.

Capitalize on Sight

While you may not be able to hear a deer rustling in the distance, your vision can make up for your hearing limitations. As your sight adapts, you'll be able to quickly pick up more intimate visual cues than hearing hunters. Play to your strengths by letting your vision do the heavy lifting.

Partner Up

If you hunt with hearing friends, utilize each other's strengths. Develop a quick communication system wherein your hearing hunting partner can alert you to the direction he or she heard an animal or gunshot. Meanwhile, your hunting partner can take advantage of your knack for visual cues, as you point out rustling brush or distant antlers that you spot.

Pro tip: For situations in which you and a friend are camped out in different tree-stands, consider sending texts to alert each other to possible opportunities to take a shot.

Bring a Four-Legged Friend

A furry, canine hunting buddy not only makes for good company and a good nose, but it can also act as your ears. Consider training a dog to hunt, and bring it along to help tip you off to noises. Take a look at this article from Outdoor Life magazine for some ideas on selecting a good hunting dog.

Stay Positive

Don’t let hearing loss erode your enthusiasm. Take pride in the challenges of making optimum use of your sight and awareness of your surroundings, and build on the strengths you develop over time.