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Internet-Based Relay Services

It’s quick and easy to make a relay call through your computer, laptop or smartphone. Simply choose the online relay service type that works best for you. As always, your call is completely confidential.

Telecommunication Equipment Distribution

Captioning services allows individuals with hearing loss to LISTEN and READ captions of everything said during phone conversations, just like real-time captions on TV. It is great for people with severe hearing loss who don't benefit from an amplified phone.

Telecommunication Equipment Distribution

Federal Relay Services

Are you a federal employee? A full range of internet-based Federal Relay Services are accessible for both domestic and non-domestic locations, including Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), Relay Conference Captioning (RCC), IP Relay, VRS, TTY, and Speech-to-Speech (STS).

Federal Relay Service

Video Relay Service (VRS)

Do you use ASL? VRS allows you to communicate with voice telephone users using a video conferencing equipment or a videophone and a broadband internet connection. The call is still facilitated by a qualified ASL Communications Assistant (CA) interpreter.

VRS Providers