How to Use Relay Conference Captioning Step-by-Step

How to Use Relay Conference Captioning Step-by-Step

If you’ve used Relay services, you know the impact it can have on your everyday life—from connecting with loved ones, to catching up with friends, to enabling lines of communication for your parents or deaf or hard-of-hearing family members. But did you know Relay South Dakota’s services go beyond the personal?

In fact, a service called Relay Conference Captioning (RCC) is designed specifically to connect the dots on communication in professional and larger-group settings.

What is RCC?

Whether it’s you yourself or a fellow participant, have you ever sought to accommodate a deaf or hard-of-hearing individual during a conference call, a multi-party teleconference or a remote staff get-together? RCC is a free service that actually taps into the technology used by the live news sector to offer up captioned text in real time during conversations of this very nature! Whether the impacted participants prefer to speak for themselves or to type in responses, RCC offers solutions to meet every type of need at no-cost.

How to RCC

The process is simple and effective for a reason—connecting with colleagues and clients should feel powerful, professional and pleasant. To make use of RCC, you simply…

  1. Book your upcoming event on our website
  2. Wait for the captioner to join the call
  3. Allow impacted participants to read captions as the meeting progresses
  4. Encourage said participants to speak or type their responses directly to the captioner


And if desired, the captioner can relay typed responses to the rest of the participants!

Pro tip: To help keep captioners available for incoming conference requests, be sure to cancel services at least 24 hours in advance in the event the call assistance is no longer needed.

Details of RCC

Beyond the basics, users have a multitude of options available to them when it comes to making use of RCC. Its features are highly customizable, including text size, background color selections and accessibility via several types of devices, from phones to tablets to computers. You can even set your own pace for how quickly you’d like text to appear on screen depending on your reading speed. Not to mention, for meetings in which documented minutes are useful, you can even save transcripts for future reference to share with coworkers.

Why RCC?

So what are the core benefits of a service like RCC? There are plenty, but some of the key highlights we’d shine a light on include the value of creating an inclusive, accessible workspace for team members and putting an emphasis on the power of participation! Every voice should be heard in a conference setting, and any effort to encourage that is well worth your business’s while. Relay South Dakota’s services are focused on bridging gaps—and RCC offers a communication method by which those with a hearing or speech disability can stay in the conversation.

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