Protect Yourself from Hearing Loss on the Job

Protect Yourself from Hearing Loss on the Job

While your employer should make every effort to provide a safe working environment for you and your fellow employees, some jobs require a certain degree of exposure to noise throughout the day, whether it’s sudden or ongoing.

Regardless of your own situation, there are ways to prevent short- and long-term hearing loss that results from a noisy workplace.

High-volume equipment

If you operate or work near equipment, that is noisy or emits sound at a high volume, it’s important to have ear protection available. If you are in construction, landscaping, cleaning or other fields, you’ll be more likely to need ear protection on a regular basis because of the equipment you operate. Any noisy workplace is required to offer its employees ear protection – talk to your Human Resources department about supplying needed protection.

Sudden, loud noises

If you are in a workplace prone to sudden, loud noises, you are also exposed to potential hearing loss. These noises that occur suddenly can affect your immediate hearing, as well as your hearing long-term. It puts added pressure on your eardrums and can even spur a rupture if the noise is intense enough. Sometimes these types of sounds are an inevitability in your chosen career, so make sure you wear protective gear to prevent this impact, such as earplugs or earmuffs.
Lengthy, ongoing noise
Some occupations, such as those in the classroom, crowded medical centers, or restaurants, subject their employees to extended noise throughout the day. This can have a drastic impact on your likelihood of hearing loss the longer and more frequently you’re exposed. Try to avoid loud noises all together by steering clear of high-volume, noise-making devices. Limit your exposure to fight off permanent damage.

Just remember

It’s your right as an employee to speak with your boss about your concerns with a noisy workplace – your place of work should offer you the assistance, guidance and tools you need to do your job effectively and safely.