Tech Roundup: Top Apps for People with Hearing, Vision or Speech Disabilities

Tech Roundup: Top Apps for People with Hearing, Vision or Speech Disabilities

Can you believe mobile apps have only been around for 10 years? From on-the-go banking and fitness trackers to social media, games and more - it’s hard to imagine life without our smartphones and tablets. And the innovations just keep coming!

Check out our latest tech roundup, featuring 5 useful apps for people with hearing, vision or speech disabilities.

1. Fennex Augmented Hearing App  

Fennex is an easy-to-use, adjustable sound amplifier app that can be customized for tough listening situations – including meetings, restaurants and car rides. When you leave Fennex open in the background, external sound is still augmented while listen to music or videos, too. It’s only available for iPhone and iPad right now, but we’re hoping for an Android option soon.

2. Voiceitt Voice-Recognition Speech Translator

Voice recognition technology has been steadily improving. So much so, that this empowering app can actually translate unintelligible pronunciation into understandable speech – allowing people with speech and language disabilities to communicate using their own voice. It starts by recognizing the user’s vocal patterns, then “speaks” their words to others. Even more amazing? The program works in multiple languages.

3. Be My Eyes Live Video Assistance

Sighted volunteers are the secret behind this useful social app. Blind and visually impaired people can use a direct video connection for assistance with everything from checking the expiration date on a milk carton to navigating new surroundings. Simply request assistance for a quick match to an online volunteer. Currently, Be My Eyes has over 90,000 active volunteers and over 7,000 visually impaired users.

4. Ava Speech-to-Text for Group Conversations

Group conversations can be especially hard to follow for deaf and hard-of-hearing people, and that makes Ava a must-have app for converting group conversations into text. Each speaker’s voice appears in a different color, showing who said what in real-time.

5. Sprint IP Relay Mobile App

The Sprint IP Relay Mobile App lets you use your mobile device for Sprint IP Relay services. Simply type what you want to say to the operator, the operator relays the message to the person you called and then types their response back to you. You can make and receive Sprint IP Relay Mobile app calls using Android or iOS phones – with the added ability to save conversations and receive Text Mail when you are not available to answer IP Relay call.

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