Top Universities for Deaf Students

Top Universities for Deaf Students

When it comes to catering to the needs of deaf and hard of hearing students, most colleges and universities leave much to be desired. That’s why, for hard of hearing high schoolers, finding a college with systems in place to properly help them reach their educational goals can be a real challenge. Finding a sense of community is vitally important to the college experience. If you or someone you love is ready to take the next step in higher education, don’t settle! Take the time to find a school that meets ALL of your needs—both academic and social.

Check out these top 5 universities for deaf and hard of hearing students:

  1. Gallaudet University

    Originally founded in 1856, Gallaudet University is the United States’ predominant institution for deaf and hard of hearing students. With more than 150 years of experience in visual learning, visual language and advocation for full rights and social justice for the deaf and hard of hearing community, Gallaudet offers students the education of a major comprehensive liberal arts university—all while maintaining an intimate campus feeling.

  2. Rochester Institute of Technology (RTI)

    Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Institute for the Deaf offers deaf and hard of hearing students a top tier education while simultaneously providing them with career-focused programs in preparation for life after college. One of just three major U.S. universities focused on deaf and hard of hearing education, NTID offers students a unique sense of community during their college years.

  3. Howard College

    Howard College’s SouthWest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf is the country’s only self-contained community college educational environment serving deaf and hard of hearing students. Regardless of their background, students attending SWCID enjoy a barrier-free campus that empowers them to complete Associate degree and certificate programs that prepare them for their future careers.

  4. University of Michigan

    As a major midwestern university, the University of Michigan has excelled at breaking the barriers that deaf and hard of hearing students usually experience on more traditional college campuses. The university’s office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) was founded in 1974 following the passage of the U.S.’ Vocational Rehabilitation Act. Since that time, the institution has continued to advocate and provide resources for deaf and hard of hearing students in a way that is largely unmatched by other major universities.

  5. University of Southern California

    Much like the University of Michigan, the University of Southern California is a more traditional university that takes great strides to meet the needs of their deaf and hard of hearing students. The university’s Disability Services and Programs (DSP) have continually provided support for these students to develop their maximum academic potential while still maintaining a sense of independence in their college career. 

From academics, to staff, to social support, there are a lot of factors that go into deciding your top college. When schools have standards in place that empower deaf and hard of hearing students, everyone wins. Find the university that matches your set of preferences and cares about your success, and you’ll have a great head start on furthering your education.

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