What Does Hearing Loss Sound Like?

What Does Hearing Loss Sound Like?

Do you have a family member, friend or colleague with hearing loss? If so, you know how important it is to be supportive and understanding – especially if their hearing loss is age-related or work-related, and you’re all adjusting to new communication needs.

Here are some ways you can gain perspective by experiencing what hearing loss sounds like. 

People with mild hearing loss have difficulty hearing soft consonant sounds, making words seem incomplete. Noisy environments make hearing more challenging.  

For people with moderate hearing loss, hard and soft consonant sounds become inaudible and speech becomes difficult to understand – particularly with background noise.

For people with severe hearing loss, some loud sounds are audible, but communication without a hearing instrument is impossible.

Ready to learn more? Hearing loss simulators can be an effective way to understand what your loved one, friend or coworker is experiencing.  

Starkey hearing loss simulator – click the wheel to experience mild, moderate and severe hearing loss levels.

Hear-it.org – play sound impressions of hearing loss and tinnitus.  

CDC hearing loss simulator – developed to help explain how loud noises can permanently damage hearing on the job, this page has good examples to share for all of us. You can also download the software here

In addition to hearing loss simulators, you can also learn more about common communication mistakes and how to avoid them. 

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