Relay South Dakota Equipment Types


TTY equipment allows you to type and read messages using Relay South Dakota. It’s especially helpful for people without access to affordable broadband internet access.

 Ultratec Superprint

Ultratec—Superprint 4425

Product # 4425
  • Programmable auto-answer
  • Remote message retrieval of messages in auto-answer
  • 32K memory
  • Personal phone directory storage
  • Programmable Relay Voice Announcer
  • Greeting key for easy one-touch sending of greeting message
  • Memory dialing and dialing by name
Hearing Loss
Speech Disabled
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Uniphone 1140

Uniphone 1140

Product # UT1140
  • Volume control for telephone handset (10dB gain)
  • Special convenience keys: Dial & Volume control
  • Direct Connect
  • Keyboard dialing, follow-on dialing
  • Call progress (says "ringing" or "busy")
  • Turbo Code® and Auto ID™
  • 2-line, 2 x 24-character LCD display
  • 10 speed dial keys
  • Special emergency, menu, and arrow keys
  • Auto-Answer with programmable message with 8k memory
  • Built-in Ring flasher
  • Printer port to connect an external printer
  • 1-year warranty
Hearing Loss
Speech Disabled
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